Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Supernova by Crystal Ward

Summary: Everyone is born for a purpose, and for Evania Laylen, that vocation is about to make itself known.

Guilt ridden after the death of her parents, Evania sinks into a deep depression. Living only for the addiction, and the man who saved her, she gives up on life. That is until the enigmatic Desmond Kane enters and shows her the life she was born to live. Thrust into a secret, action-packed world of good versus evil, Evania must rid her life of the addictive temptation, prepare her body for battle, and learn to embrace the possible in a world of impossible.

Review: MUST.HAVE.MORE!!!!  Just finished reading Supernova, and WOW was this an awesome read!!!! I thought this was excellent writing and I could picture everything I was reading. Jamaica, Vermont sounds like a great place to visit!  Loved, Loved the characters!!! Evania is such a great character because she is easy to relate to. After the death of her parents she goes through a lot. She has a drug addiction and is severely depressed. It was easy to emotionally connect with her pain. Desmond, *blushes* is so amazing. He was understanding (SEXY), caring (SEXY), and very patient (SEXY) when it came to helping Evania learn about her abilities. The bond between the two of them was beautiful. This book had me smiling the whole way through, and it is full of what I like to call "the little things". The things that make your heart melt...brushing fingers down a cheek, or making eye contact from across the room. These "little things", for me, made this book even more impressive. So  I could go on and on ....and on about this book, but you wont truly understand how great it is until you read it. Can't wait for book two, Tsunami!!!!

♥ Shelby

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