Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: The Key by Felicia Rogers

Summary: A teenage girl suffering from a family tragedy, Maddie Clevenger is oblivious to the ancient mystery surrounding her. She’s young and incredibly unlucky, in life and in love. She should be enjoying her senior year of high school, but instead she is tormented by a reoccurring nightmare and a very real stalker. But all that changes when Chase Donovan, an Air Force brat with a protective streak, shows up at school. Will Chase be the key to helping her solve her stalker problem? Will he be the key to solving the mystery surrounding her family’s past?

Solstice Publishing
YA, Paranormal

Review: The Key was such a cool story to read! A modern fairy tale full of adventure. And of course there is a great love triangle. Maddie and Chase are both new in school and instantly drawn to one another. With the presence of Maddie's stalker around, Chase feels the need to protect her. Little did he know, this need to protect Maddie was stemmed from a war long before his time. Maddie soon learns more details about her parents death, and that she is in the middle of a paranormal war. Her and Chase struggle to find the answers to their ancestors history, and realize they may be the answer to the end of this war. This story also has another paranormal twist...I wont spoil it for you, but it doesn't contain the usual vampire, werewolf paranormal elements. This book really surprised me...I was expecting the norm and was totally wrong. Wonderful, out of the box thinking on this one. I think paranormal readers of all ages will really enjoy this book.

♥ Shelby

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