Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: There Your Heart Will Be Also by Felicia Rogers

SUMMARY: Only daughter of an English lord, Sarra of Greenbriar, is used to getting her way. So when her father passes and the King begins sending suitors, she feels justified in taking matters into her own hands. Through a series of harmless pranks, Sarra works to keep the potential husbands at bay.

Cedric MacNeil is a Scotsman that has lost it all. Death claimed his parents and jealousy claimed his entitled position as Laird of his clan. Since his mother was a familiar of the English court, he leaves his native land and heads to England to fight on behalf of the English King. Tournaments are won, earning honor and glory for the crown. Cedric’s reward is the opportunity to gain what he wants most in this life, land.

But as he gets to know Sarra, he realizes he might get more than he bargained for.

REVIEW: I'm am back again with another review for Felicia Rogers!! If you want  great, feel good books, then she is the author for you! There Your Heart Will Be Also is wonderful. I loved the story, especially since its during the medieval period, and thought it was very creative. Sarra, the mistress of Greenbriar, is a strong willed woman who wants a man to love her and not her land. So her and the staff devise a plan to scare off any suitors sent by the King for her land and her hand in marriage. This part of the story is quite humorous. Then along comes Cedric, who is the latest of men sent by the King. He is determined to do something with his life, and his new gifted land. He only had to tackle the issue of his new bride to be. Cedric and Sarra meet and have a very complicated relationship from the beginning. Both have to decide whether to or not to listen to their hearts. This book is an exciting romance, that anyone is sure to love. I have yet to be disappointed by this author!

♥ Shelby


Anonymous said...

I loved this story. the humor and history go hand in hand and complement one another, reminding us that laughter was not invented in the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

What a nice review. I love the cover and the premise of the book Sounds like a must-read!

Lindsay said...

Great review and this book is now at the top of my list.

Patricia Kiyono said...

I love reading historicals. This sounds like a winner!