Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Ghostly by Samantha Combs

SUMMARY: High school has never been effortless for social misfit Juice Zander and her sophomore year is proving to be no exception. Having a new boy in homeroom actually pay attention to her might be a start to all that changing. But there are some big issues brewing. That fact that Shane Elliot has revealed himself to be a ghost isn’t her biggest problem. Neither is the fact that he wants her to help him find a “host body” so he can be a real teenager again. It’s not even that when she does find a possible donor for her supercute ghost, it’s another so-not-ugly guy who for some unprecedented reason likes her. No, her real problem is that after years of platonic friendship, she discovers one of her best buddies has feelings for her, and she’s afraid those feelings might be mutual.

Enlisting the help of her tight group of best friends, Juice sets out to 1) find the perfect host for her ghost, 2) figure out her surprising new relationship with her longtime friend and 3) maybe discover she’s not such a social misfit after all.

REVIEW: I think this is another great YA book from Samantha Combs. This book is full of friendship and romance. Juice, Sixx, Jett, and Creepshow are four friends who stick together and stick up for each other no matter what. This is especially true after Juice tell her friends about Shane. Shane is a ghost, and has chosen Juice to help him find a host body. Her friends are very supportive, and agree to help her and Shane find a body.  As the adventure to find Shane a host body begins, Juice finds herself having feelings for one of her close friends. With all these new developments, Juice realizes that maybe she isn't as invisible to everyone as she once thought. This book has a great message about realizing who you are, and being honest. I can't imagine a better book for young adult readers.

♥ Shelby

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