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Welcome Everyone! Today we are featuring an AMAZING author on our blog. MEGG JENSEN!!! She is a fantastic writer, and a wonderful, down to earth person. I am honored to have her leave us a guest post. So...a note from Megg:

A few months ago, I asked everyone for ideas for vlog topics. My friend, April, (www.sugarsock.com) wanted me to talk about my office. Everyone always wants to know what my office looks like. I don’t blame them. It’s gorgeous. Exactly what you’d think a writer’s office should be.

I have a private space, all my own, paneled in dark wood. A huge bay window with the most comfortable window seat ever flanks the southern wall. Beautiful, dappled sunlight streams through the windows all day - never too hot or too cold. My desk is an old, antique desk similar to the one Ernest Hemingway wrote on. I bought it at an antique fair a few years ago. It took four strong men to carry it into my house, but it was so worth it because the desk is perfect. Two walls are covered in bookcases. The ceilings are fifteen feet high, so I have a ladder attached to the bookcases. It rolls around the room, so whenever I need a tome I just wheel my ladder to the right section. There’s only one glassed-in section. It houses my extensive collection of signed first editions.

The room is soundproof too, which is great because when I want to work while the nanny watches my children, I’m not disturbed. The office is also wired for complete surround sound. I can drown in music while I work. The floor is covered in hardwood with radiant heating so my feet never go cold while I’m working.

Wow, it’s getting really deep in here, isn’t it? LOL! None of that is true, but wouldn’t it be great if it was?

Here’s what my office is really like. We have a loft on the second floor of our house. It has an old, ratty futon that I sleep on when my husband snores too much. I have two Pier One bookcases and a writing table I got at World Market. I sit on an office chair that is possibly nine hundred years old and is super-uncomfortable. My table is covered in tons of stuff that really doesn’t need to be there. Boxes are scattered around the room, filled with copies of my books. There’s no privacy, no door, and no bay window. There is one window, though, which is nice. Oh, no nanny either. My kids frequently run screaming through the loft and right now I can see four stuffed animals, a crumpled up swimsuit, and a tiny rocking chair.

You might notice at the beginning that I said this was an idea for a vlog. I couldn’t figure out a way to maneuver my computer around the room while keeping it steady. If I had done that, the video would have been so shaky that everyone would probably have thrown up from motion sickness. Consider yourself lucky.

I think most writers, unless they’re super-famous or child-free, find space wherever they can. Someday I’d love to have the office I described. I’ll keep writing and dreaming!

Megg has just released her third book in the cloud prophet trilogy!!

SUMMARY: Reychel knows her gift of prophecy will lead to madness and now she is at her most vulnerable. The enemy army will attempt to sever her from everything she's ever known: her homeland, her friends, Mark, and her gift. Even at her weakest, she refuses to give up on her desire to end the war between the Malborn and the Serenians. Reychel would do anything, even come back from the dead, to conquer the enemy and reunite with Mark.

REVIEW: NO! NO! NO! It can't be over! I loved this trilogy...no seriously...I. LOVED. THIS. TRILOGY. I never wanted this book to end. I can't wait to read them all over again. I loved the world that Megg created in these books. And it ended just as wonderful. These books are filled with love, excitement, compassion, humor, and friendships. The characters are amazing. None are alike, but they combine to form a great family. If you couldn't tell....I LOVED THE CLOUD PROPHET TRILOGY!!! I hope anyone reading this will take my advice and go read these books!!! Anathema ( BOOK 1) is free RIGHT NOW on Kindle, Smashwords, and the ibookstore. Please go now and check it out!!!!

Also, stop by Megg Jensen's blog where you can find out what's next for Megg, and how to purchase her books. Thanks again Megg for stopping by!!! We can't wait to see what's next from you!!!

♥ Shelby

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