Wednesday, February 1, 2012

REVIEW: The Initiate by Megg Jensen

Forced into becoming an initiate, Eloh will try to find a way to beat the odds, stay with her boyfriend, and survive the fires that threaten to consume her. But will her lack of faith in the gods and her disbelief in their magic doom her to a painful death?

Before Anathema...                                                                                                                                   
Before Sleepers...
There was The Initiate

Over a thousand years ago, the gods left Eloh's people and took their magic with them. To win back their favor, her people sacrifice ten female initiates every ten years. No has ever survived. There has never been a Chosen One.

REVIEW: Um Hello??? Has there every been anything Megg Jensen has wrote that I didn't like? Answer = NO! I loved this short connecting the two trilogies. The story of Eloh is wonderful, and puts a lot into perspective after reading the Cloud Prophet Trilogy and Sleepers.  The whole sacrificing ritual is insane! In the Initiate you will realize just how strong Eloh is. I seriously want to spoil it for you all and say what happens....Gah! Reviewing can be so hard!!! *stomps feet* Now that you know how bad I want to tell you more about this story, I hope that you go read it for yourself. And EVERYTHING else that Megg has written. And in case you're wondering, I won copies of Anathema and Oubliette in a giveaway awhile ago. This started my love for all these books. I know I talk about them a lot, so I just wanted to make it clear that I don't get paid for reviews or anything. Just write about what I love.

♥ Shelby

♥ Shelby

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