Monday, October 17, 2011

Review of Toonopolis:Gemini by Jeremy Rodden

Summary: Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the universe. As the center of the Tooniverse, it acts as an other-worldly rest stop for these creations.

Gemini is a teenage human boy who is thrust into Toonopolis through his father's scientific research program. He loses part of himself in the process and immediately begins a quest to regain his lost memories with the help of his Tooniverse guide named Jimbob the Talking Eggplant.

After an altercation with a mysterious Shadowy Figure, Gemini's mission is changed, and he begins a new quest to defeat Shadowy Figure and protect Toonopolis from his nefarious destruction. Along the way, he meets new friends, discovers just how diverse and strange Toonopolis is, and learns lessons about compassion, forgiveness, redemption, and being true to oneself.

Review: Oh man...What a really cool book this was to read!!! The author has such a creative imagination, and took me to a whole new world. Who would have thought there was a place for all the cartoons ever created?  A place with PEZ roads, gnomes, superheros, knights, and my favorite....A TALKING EGGPLANT! Yep folks, you heard(read) me right. Jimbob the talking eggplant. He is a guide to Gemini, a young boy placed into this tooniverse by his father. They go on an incredible journey through different places of toonopolis, and they meet so many other toons that help with his quests. Together they battle cartoons gone rogue, and others such as the Gumthulu and the Candemon. This is such a humorous story full of adventure. Even with all the different places and toons throughout this book, it is all strung together perfectly. Toonopolis was such an exciting read for me, and I think people of all ages would enjoy this book.

♥ Shelby

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