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The Art of Safkhet Presents – Blood Myth
(The Myth Series)

Zakah Sange was born into a world of dark magick, always living in the shadows of his father, the Raka King. He was dangerously sexy and enigmatic; he used power and control to shape himself into a hard and cunning man. Zakah became a warrior, a weapon and the master of his own violence lurking within.

Sorina Ruzicka was the great granddaughter of the evil god Akhekh. She was born into a legacy of magickal gifts that she wanted no part of. After years touring as a blues singer she returned home where she only wanted the seclusion of the mountains. A chance meeting with the mysterious club owner forced Sorina into the battle of her life.

Can a willful witch, accept the controlling nature of a demon who demands submission? Trusts will be tested, lines will be crossed and a fate neither of them expected will be played out.

Author Bio

Stacy was born in West Virginia but now finds herself living in Texas. She has loved writing since the first grade when she completed her first book, The Land without Rules. Her mother will tell you it was a brilliant book.
Throughout her school years she was in journalism and has been an avid reader of all literature. She has always craved the feeling of discovering an author's world for the first time. Now she devotes her time to creating her own worlds. Stacy focuses mainly on paranormal romance and poetry. She loves creating dominant male characters and headstrong females for her books. 
Stacy now finds herself on a new journey and finally has taken the leap to go after her dreams. She recently finished a poetry book, Whispers in the Dark with two fellow authors and finished her first novel Blood Myth in her Myth Series.

3 Excerpts to choose from
Excerpt #1 word count 499
Outside her cottage, the wind rose and whirled fiendishly. Rain pelted at her windows. Sorina wrapped her arms around her up drawn knees, resting her head on them. She felt his emotions. She sensed his need and what he wanted her to understand, but she didn’t understand.
“Sorina.” Zakah made sure his voice was warm, sensual, caressing, velvety, and soothing. “Don’t try to understand, my little rabbit.” He could feel her anguish even though she tried to hide it with her stubborn chin and defiant eyes.
A shadow flickered from a candle. Her eyes followed the shadow. She gasped up at his tall, dark, well-muscled frame which appeared out of nowhere. Sorina stammered, looking up at him towering over her. “What are you doing here?”
She looked like a scared rabbit. He never felt regret or pity, but to know he was the cause of her fear broke his heart. Zakah couldn’t stop himself; he did something he had never done in all his long years. He wanted to give comfort, take away her fears. Zakah gathered her into his arms, imprisoning her against his hard chest. “Breathe, Sorina. It will help.”
She pushed against the wall of his chest. “Let go of me. I am not a child who needs to be cradled or spanked.” She emphasized the last word.
Zakah ignored her struggle to pull away from him. He held her close to his chest, his hand stroking over her back slowly. He buried her face in the wealth of her luxurious hair, breathing in the sweet scent of citrus.
Sorina found the strength to pull back from his embrace. “I saw you. I felt you when you were using that rod on that woman. You were imagining she was me.”  Her breath caught in her throat when he threaded his fingers through her hair. Zakah gripped her scalp in his strong hands, yanking her head back and the look in his eyes seared her to the bones.
He lowered his head, his mouth inches from her plump lips, so that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin. “Yes, I did imagine she was you. I wanted her to be you. I needed her to be you.”
Sorina was silent. She started to tremble in his arms. He knew his words were beginning to sink in. Zakah took in the sad shadows and fear lingering in her large, golden green eyes.
Her heart was pounding. “I want you to leave.” She pushed at the wall of his chest.
He merely tightened his hold on her. Zakah could not hide the bit of enjoyment he was getting from her struggle. “You do not want me to go, Sorina.”
“Yes, I want you to go, Zakah.”  His smug look of amusement infuriated her, making her work to keep her voice under control.
“You are safe with me, Sorina. I would not allow anyone or anything to harm you.”
She swallowed nervously, whispering defiantly, “Just you.”

Excerpt # 2 words 789
Zakah was not a fool; he knew the trail was too well marked. No one would be so obvious unless it was a trap. It did not matter, Tanerk had his female. He would go where the trail led. Tanerk was an ancient Raka, a species nearly immortal, and his părinte was their king. But, Zakah was a predator also, capable of becoming just as loathsome and dangerous as his ancestors.  He heard the same insidious whispers and felt the same hunger for power his părinte and other Raka did. Zakah also had the same incredible need to create pain, but he fought and controlled the violence clawing to get out of him every day. He had come close to giving into the calls of evil on more than one occasion. Ironically, Zakah’s need for control included his own internal demons.
He lifted his head to the sky and scanned his surroundings. Zakah took in the large area, discovering two other beings near. He maneuvered through the wooded area. Easily, he shifted through the branches, bushes, leaves, and darkness of the forest. He came to a clearing, and he saw the tall figure of Tanerk emerge from mist with Sergei Raka. Tanerk’s nephew stood a few feet behind his unchi.
The wind rushed through the grove of trees and dark clouds swirled into a boiling cauldron. Whips of white hot energy illuminated the midnight sky. The earth rumbled with the deep sound of thunder. Zakah smirked in his părinte’s direction. “No need to put on a show, Babac. A bit of a cliché, don’t you think?” He stood alert, his mind and body prepared for whatever Tanerk had planned.
“Discretion was never my thing, sonny boy. Why have power and magick if you do not flaunt it?” Tanerk shrugged casually.
Zakah looked over to his right. “Your minion can back off. I’m coming with you freely.” 
Tanerk threw his head back and laughed. The sick, menacing sound echoed through the forest. “I did not come to collect you. I came to kill you,” the elder Raka continued. “I have two Saka witches now. One is moments from giving herself freely, and the other, well,” his voice purred the words, “your little rabbit has been caught, and she will make a delicious feast.”
Zakah started for his Tanerk, but he caught movement from the corner of his eye. Sergei had made his way to Zakah’s left. He reacted quickly, jumping into the air; Zakah somersaulted through the sky and landed in front of an unmoving Tanerk. The leader of the Raka just looked at him, grinning. Abruptly, the trees caught fire; showers of hot embers fell, penetrating and engulfing Zakah in pain. The fiery cinders burrowed into his skin and drove their way into his blood.
Zakah knew he was in serious trouble, but he shoved the thought aside. He pushed off of the ground and burst through the air, shifting for the first time into his diavol form. Zakah’s fists tripled in size and led his dive from the sky toward Tanerk. He intended to smash through his părinte’s chest and rip out his evil heart, but Tanerk’s body had already turned to mist... Zakah’s fist passed through the Raka’s physique unharmed. He felt knife-like nails dive deep into his arm. Sergei had hurled himself onto Zakah’s back. Razor sharp talons sunk into his shoulder. He howled out from the pain. Zakah thrust the Raka off his back and dissolved into mist.
In his vapor state, he went straight for Tanerk, shifting at the last second back into his solid demonic form; his morphed hands went around his părinte’s throat. Tanerk hissed and transformed into his demon shape, retaliating with a swipe of his vicious claws at Zakah’s eyes. A brutal head-butt followed which allowed the Raka to free himself from his băiat’s grasp.
“I have a banquet of prime witch to feast upon.” Tanerk grinned and disappeared.
Zakah’s body was damaged and needed to begin repairing so he could find Sorina. He knew it was time to begin the retreat, but Sergei was still there. Zakah turned toward the Raka and started approaching him. The two men circled each other for a moment. Zakah watched Sergei jump into the air, so he mimicked his actions. The two of them collided. Zakah’s fist met Sergei’s face with a loud crack, starting their decent to the ground. Zakah grabbed his enemy’s body and threw him against a nearby tree.
Zakah lifted his hands to the heavens, summoning his inner power with a few ancient words and threw a bolt of lightning into Sergei’s chest. He repeated this over and over until there was nothing but ashes left on the ground.

Excerpt #3 words 744
There was an unexpected silence, everything stilled, and the Raka backed away, clearing a path. Tanerk had arrived. Their leader, their king joined the battle. It was hard not to be in awe of Tanerk, his ancient power radiated from him. His handsome face sneered, showing his disgust and contempt of not only the Saka but his Raka. “Pathetic, this is not finished yet?” Tanerk’s eyes glowed; he turned from Zakah and focused on Gavril.
His gaze fell on the Saka Guardian. “We meet again. You do not look well, Saka.”
“Looks can be deceiving,” Gavril answered.
“I had hoped you would be here today.” Tanerk moved slowly toward Lilith. His harsh eyes never left Gavril’s.
Gavril pushed past a grouping of Raka, placing himself in front of his sora. “I’m thrilled I made your day.”
Tanerk lifted his head, taking in the sounds of his Raka hissing. “They are eager to kill you, Saka. They would fight one another for the honor of slaying the Guardian. Such power one must have to create such hatred. How does it feel to have so many despise your very existence?” The leader of the Raka’s lips curved into a cruel, sinister grin.
“You should know that feeling well.” Gavril’s voice was low but carried power and authority.
Tanerk smiled. “Oh, but you are wrong. Yes, the Saka hate my existence, but you the Saka Guardian, are hated even among your own kind. Why do you bother to protect a race who cannot even look you in the eye?”
Sorina’s breath caught in her throat. She knew Tanerk was a master manipulator and capable of finding one’s innermost hidden struggles. It was how he was able to turn the Saka; he worked on their doubts, their insecurities. Gavril would not be normal if he was not angry with his place in the Sabat or in this world. He protected the Saka and made the hard decisions in life to guard the innocent beings of the world. Her unchi fought and lived alone. He had no one to come home to. She didn’t remember him ever having a woman in his life or real friends.
Gavril knew his eyes blazed with hatred, stepping closer to Tanerk. The movement triggered a restless murmuring of the Raka, and they pressed forward until Tanerk held up his hand. The revulsion Gavril felt for Tanerk was so strong that he knew everyone could feel it. The need to kill Tanerk created an energy that felt like it was alive. The Raka King remained calm while Gavril was on the edge of violence.
“There will be no Saka left when I am finished. Your women will be the maiculeană of the new generation of Raka.” Tanerk licked his lips in anticipation. “Mmm, who should I start with, the supposed Queen of the Saka or the High Priestess?” He winked at Lilith. “Biankha wants you, Priestess; she has a score to settle.” He glanced at Nikolette briefly. “That one is almost ready, is she not, Guardian?”
Zakah glanced at Sorina. She stood beside Afina. Nikolette was behind them with Zampara at her side. Sorina let her thoughts carry to Zakah and the others. She prayed opening up her mind to them would not free her thoughts to Tanerk. I think I can break the shield and free our powers. Bunica, if you and Nikolette help, we can penetrate it faster.
The women all agreed and slowly moved closer to one another while Tanerk was focused on taunting Gavril. Sorina blocked out the rising fear and concentrated on the feel of the shield. It wasn’t much different from normal safeguards, but the spell had been warped for evil purposes. It was still just basic safeguards, and she knew this kind of magick. Nikolette was drawn to weapons and more physical training, while Sorina practiced witchery and the manipulation of spells in her youth. She spent days with her bunica, learning the art of spell casting and weaving magick. She held her palms up to feel the strength of the weave. Afina and Nikolette shielded Sorina from the Tanerk and his Raka in an effort to keep him from seeing what she was doing. Sorina’s hand moved gracefully as she felt the pattern of the barrier blocking their powers.
“Or shall I start with my băiat’s whore?” Tanerk smirked. 
NO!  Sorina shouted in Zakah’s head, but it was too late. He had already gripped the hilt of his sword and lunged at his părinte. He was severely handicapped without the use of his powers, but it did not stop him from going full force at Tanerk.

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